What are the Pros and Cons of Online Shopping?

Online Shopping Pros and Cons

In this technology era, everyone is aware of using internet for shopping, money transactions, bill payments, tickets booking etc., among that online shopping plays a major role. It is said that number of people using online shopping is increasing gradually.

A study says that online shoppers increased from 20 Million in 2013 to 40 Million in 2016. At present it has been increased a lot.

By this online shopping there are both pros and cons. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of online shopping.

Online Shopping Pros:

  • Online shopping can be done at any available time. It is 24/7 service. You don’t want to look into weather or some other reason for shopping.
  • You can find the price of the product and can have comparisons. Without moving into shops you can come to know whether the product you are choosing is affordable or not.
  • You have lot of choices for the product you are choosing. They will display the images of your product and have different choices of colours too.
  • Discount offers will be provided on the basis of the festival seasons.
  • Through online shopping you can see the reviews of the product. Thereby coming into conclusion that whether the product you choose is up to the quality.
  • You don’t have any pressure to purchase the desired product.
  • You will have at times discount coupons so that you can choose more than one product for the money you have.
  • Online shopping websites supports the customer by call or mail options. So if any problem occurs with purchasing they come forward to help you.
  • There is no compulsion that you have to use only your credit/debit card.
  • The most important benefit is by online shopping you will get the product at your home.
  • Order tracking facilities are there, so that you come to know where your product is.
  • Payment option can be done as either COD (Cash On Delivery) or online payment.

Online Shopping Cons:

  • By online shopping you cannot find whether your product is defective or not. There is possibility of getting wrong product too
  • If receiving defective piece, procedure for replacing the product is really irritating.
  • At the same time if you are cancelling your product in between, you won’t get your refund money soon. It will take up to 3 to 7 business days to get back your money.
  • If your online transaction is failed due to current cut or some other reason then you have to reorder it from the beginning. At a same time if money has been debited, you have to wait for a week to receive your money back.
  • Sometimes the delivery of the product will take more time than the delivery estimation given in the website.
  • If defective product is received, and you paid by COD, then to replace the product you have to follow the big process. It asks you to add your account details to your online website where you have ordered for the product, and the username have to be as that of the bank recorded details, thereby getting your money back by 3 to 7 days.


Online shopping industry is growing nowadays. As a shopper, you should know all about advantages and disadvantages of shopping online.

Most of the online shopping businesses give you lot of privileges such as Free home delivery, product replacement, discounts, coupons, etc., so, shoppers need to completely read their user policies, trustworthy, customers feedback and more for getting the desired product.

Every technology has both pros and cons when utilizing for eg.. shopping online, transfers money, booking flights, etc. but as a user, you should be careful when buying things online, sending money online, etc.


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